All Sarkari Yojana in one place, free 2024

All Sarkari Yojana in one place, know about the scheme

All Sarkari Yojana in One Place

From the Sarkari side, from time to time, various schemes are launched for the benefit of the public, but most people do not know about all the Yojanas. They come to know about them very late, due to which they are not able to avail the benefits of these schemes.

Today, the Government has launched a new portal,, about which I am going to tell you. On this portal, you can find information about all the Sarkari Yojanas in one place. To access this new portal, you need to register yourself. Simply type in your browser, and you will come to this portal.

Stay informed and make the most of the benefits provided by the Sarkari schemes!

All Sarkari Yojana in one place, know about the scheme
All Sarkari Yojana in one place, know about the scheme

On this portal, you will get information about all the Sarkari Yojana in one place, as of today, six Yojana of the Sarkari are available in Social Welfare and Empowerment. Thirty-two Yojanas are available in Banking, Finance Services and Insurance, 19th scheme is available in Health and Wellness, 

how many Sarkari Yojana

so you can see category-wise how many Sarkari Yojana are available today. You can use this portal in Hindi and English. To change the language, 


you will click on this icon and from here you can change your language if I want to see in Hindi, I have selected Hindi, so now all the knowledge here is in Hindi If we want to see social welfare Yojana, then I will click on it,

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 then all the Yojana will appear in front of me, you can take this Scheme, you can do this like for women, for men, this caste again, you can filter them or Then you can also search by entering the name of any scheme here.

all the Yojana will appear in front of you.

All government schemes are listed here for you to see. You can scroll through them to find what you need. Click on a scheme, like “Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana,” to see its details, benefits, and application process.

You’ll find required documents and the application process explained. Check your eligibility by clicking the eligibility link. Answer a few yes/no questions to see if you qualify for the scheme.

To explore schemes tailored to you, click “Search Scheme” and fill in details like gender, age, location, income status, disability status, and category.

Click here to view Sarkari’s jobs

If you fill in these details or not, then it will appear in front of you how many Yojana you are eligible for. If you select the scheme and submit it, then the details of those Yojana will appear in front of you. You will go here and apply it.


 If you can, then this is a very good portal, on this you can learn about all the Sarkari Yojana in one place and from here you can also check your eligibility.

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