Sarkari Education Online FREE Courses with Certificates in 2024

Access Free Online Courses with Certificates from Sarkari Education Online!

Sarkari Education Online Courses with Certificates in 2024! Did you know? 1/4 of global jobs will change by 2027 according to the World Economic Forum. Worried about your skills becoming obsolete? Don’t be! Sarkari Education Online offers solutions for your evolving career needs

Dive into Survey Results on Sarkari Education Online’s Free Online Courses!

Based on a survey of 673 million jobs and input from 800 companies with over 11 million workers, here are the top 10 skills for the future job market. To help you learn these skills quickly, I’ll share 15 free online courses. Today, focus on analytical thinking, technological literacy, systems thinking, and AI and Big Data skills. For the rest of the skills, including soft skills, check out Sarkari Education Online for free courses.

Sarkari Education Online FREE Courses with Certificates in 2024
Sarkari Education Online FREE Courses with Certificates in 2024

Limitless Learning: Access Free Courses on Sarkari Education Online!

Stay tuned for Part Two, where we’ll provide step-by-step instructions on enrolling in these free courses. Everything you need to know, from course details to enrollment, will be covered.

These courses are all accessible for free on Great Learning Academy, a fantastic educational platform. If you prefer learning in Hindi or encounter any issues with English courses, don’t worry! Great Learning Academy offers courses in Hindi as well, ensuring you can learn valuable skills for free and receive a certificate

IT and Software at Sarkari Education Online!

For IT and Software, Data Science, Machine Learning, Digital Marketing, Big Data Chat, GBT Cyber Security, and UI Design, here are the recommended courses as per the World Economic Forum’s latest insights:

  1. IT and Software: Introduction to Programming, Full Stack Web Development
  2. Data Science: Data Science Fundamentals, Python for Data Science
  3. Machine Learning: Machine Learning Fundamentals, Deep Learning
  4. Digital Marketing: Digital Marketing Fundamentals, Social Media Marketing
  5. Big Data Chat: Big Data Fundamentals, Hadoop Basics
  6. GBT Cyber Security: Cybersecurity Fundamentals, Ethical Hacking
  7. UI Design: UI/UX Design Fundamentals, Adobe XD Essentials

Don’t forget to check out the latest courses section for additional offerings. Get ready for job interviews with specialized interview preparation courses too

Enroll in ‘Data Analytics Using Chat GPT’ at Sarkari Education Online

The first course available is ‘Data Analytics Using Chat GPT with Single End’ by Sarkari Education Online. This course aligns with the second skill, Analytical Thinking, highlighted in the Future of Jobs Report.

Data Analytics is a lucrative career path applicable across various fields. Employers value analytical skills as they enable employees to make informed decisions. Join Sarkari Education Online to master Data Analytics and enhance your career prospects!

Today in ‘Data Analytics Using Chat GPT’ at Sarkari Education Online!

The next course is ‘Data Analytics Using Chat GPT’ from Sarkari Education Online. It’s beginner-friendly, lasting 2 hours, and already has over 1.4k students enrolled. In this course, you’ll cover data importing, cleaning, visualization, statistics, analysis, and model building. With a solid rating of 4.68, enrolling once gives you lifetime access and a certificate. Ready for the next course?

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Explore the World of Cryptocurrency at Sarkari Education Online!

The second course offered is ‘Crypto Currency for Beginners’ by Sarkari Education Online. It’s aligned with the third skill, Technical Literacy, as per the Future Jobs Report. In this beginner-friendly, 1.5-hour course, you’ll delve into digital currencies, blockchain technology, and blockchain development.

Blockchain, a decentralized and secure data storage technology, is in high demand for its transparency and reliability. Whether you’re curious about cryptocurrencies or interested in learning blockchain development, this course is for you. Join now, even with no prior knowledge!

Master Digital Banking: Learn Fundamentals at Sarkari Education Online!

The third course available is ‘Fundamentals of Digital Banking’ by Sarkari Education Online. In this course, you’ll learn about the evolution and characteristics of digital banking, as well as its types and components.

You’ll also cover registration and onboarding processes to confidently engage with digital banking. As the world embraces AI and digitalization, upgrading your skills is crucial for both career advancement and a convenient life. This course is aligned with the sixth skill, Systems Thinking. Join now to stay ahead!

Power of Google: Dive into ‘Introduction to Sarkari Education Online and Understanding Google’!

The fourth course offered is ‘Introduction to Google Analytics’ by Sarkari Education Online. This course is crucial for website growth, providing insights on what strategies work and what doesn’t through statistics.

You’ll learn to leverage Google Analytics effectively, including removing Google-my and evaluating With over 2.2k enrollments and a 4.6 rating, this 1-hour course offers flexible learning and a free certificate upon completion. Don’t miss out, enroll today!

Online Presence: Learn Website Creation at Sarkari Education Online!

The fifth course is quite intriguing as it teaches you to create a website using Chat GBT, specifically in HTML5. These front-end technologies are essential for website development, aligning with AI and technical literacy skills.

With this knowledge, you can kickstart your freelancing career by creating websites for businesses of all sizes. As the demand for web developers continues to rise, mastering these skills is invaluable.

With AI’s assistance, website development has become more accessible than ever. Join this course to learn how to build a complete website using Chat GPT.

Master Website Creation with Chat GPT: Learn How at Sarkari Education Online!

In this course, you’ll start by learning about Chat GPT and then proceed to build a website structure using HTML, styling with CSS, and making it functional with JavaScript.

It’s a one-hour course with no prerequisites. Now, onto the sixth course, ‘Getting Started with Git and GitHub.’

Git is a version control system for tracking source code history, while GitHub is a hosting service for storing code online. This course teaches you how to use both effectively, integrating AI technologies like OpenAI’s GPT for enhanced learning.

You’ll also explore GitHub Copilot, an AI-driven code assistant that writes, suggests improvements, and helps solve problems. Dive into Git, GitHub, and AI technologies in this insightful course!

Sarkari Education Online FREE Courses with Certificates in 2024
Sarkari Education Online FREE Courses with Certificates in 2024


Let’s break it down: the seventh course covers ‘Point to Point Interface,’ its types, key elements, and extras in a 1.5-hour session with a free certificate. Moving on to the eighth course, ‘Basics of Papa Low Code Tool,’

which is a user-friendly tool for website and online store creation. Learn to create, edit web pages, and integrate online stores in just 1 hour, also earning a certificate upon completion. Lastly, the ninth course, ‘Chat GPD for Beginners,’ delves into the revolutionary world of Chat GPD in AI. Join now to explore Chat GPD and its impact!

the LLM AI Chatbot: Unleash Its Power at Sarkari Education Online!

Discover the power of Chat GBT in the ‘Chat GPD for Beginners’ course, where you’ll learn its potential in various fields like coding, medical, law, and business exams.

This two-hour beginner-friendly course covers Chat GPT interface, prompt generation, coding, promotion designing, feedback generation, email communication, and copywriting.

Next up, ‘Python Fundamentals for Beginners,’ a beginner-friendly course lasting one hour, introduces you to Python, the most popular programming language. With its easy-to-learn syntax and dynamic nature, Python is perfect for beginners and offers extensive community support. Join now to kickstart your Python journey with top faculty guidance!

Over 5.7 Lakh Students Enrolled in This Course at Sarkari Education Online!

Let’s break down the remaining courses:

  1. ‘SQL for Data Science’: A 3-hour course covering data analysis, SQL, and SQL with Python. With SQL’s popularity in relational databases, mastering it is essential for data-related fields.
  2. ‘Introduction to Neural AI’: Learn about AI, Large Language Models, and NLP in this 1-hour course, offering insights into computer vision and examples.
  3. ‘Introduction to Cyber Security’: With cyber threats on the rise, this 2.5-hour course covers key concepts like cryptography, risk assessment, and cyber attacks to equip you for cybersecurity roles.
  4. ‘Data Structures and Algorithms in Java’: Essential for coding enthusiasts, this course explores critical concepts like data structures, algorithms, and time complexity mechanisms in Java, vital for top tech interviews.
  5. Enrollments are open for all these courses, covering diverse topics from SQL to AI and Cyber Security. Let’s explore how to enroll!

Before enrolling, ensure to research and choose courses based on your eligibility and interests. While we recommend these courses, it’s essential to make your own decision. This post isn’t affiliated or sponsored. If you spot any errors, please let us know. Your feedback is valued.”


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