Rojgar Mela 2024 More than 82,000 jobs in 70 districts Free

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Rojgar Mela 2024 More than 82,000 jobs in 70 districts Free 2024 Rojgar Mela 2024 Increasing employment opportunities through employment

Rojgar Mela 2024 Introduction: With the arrival of the new year, a great opportunity is coming for the youth of Uttar Pradesh – Rojgar Mela 2024  Sevayojana has announced to organize an employment fair for more than 82,000 people in 70 districts of the state this year. To provide information about this unique and positive opportunity, we will know everything about Rojgar Mela 2024 in this article.


Rojgar Mela 2024 Date and Venue of Rojgar Mela 2024

With the New Year approaching, we are eagerly waiting for information on the date and venue of this fair to be organized by Sewayojan. Here we will understand the details of this important event.

Rojgar Mela 2024 Employment and Employment Schemes: An Overview

In this section, we will provide detailed information about various employment and employment schemes that are running special schemes to connect the youth with employment.

Rojgar Mela 2024 More than 82,000 jobs in 70 districts Free 2024 Rojgar Mela 2024
Rojgar Mela 2024 More than 82,000 jobs in 70 districts Free 2024 Rojgar Mela 2024

Analysis of Jobs Presented at Job Fair

In this section, we will analyze the companies present at the job fair and their job offerings, providing applicants with a better understanding of the types of jobs they can apply for.

NumberDistrictJob Fair DateParticipating Companies
1LucknowFebruary 15, 202450
2KanpurFebruary 20, 202440
3AgraFebruary 25, 202435
4VaranasiMarch 5, 202445
5GorakhpurMarch 10, 202430


Rojgar Mela 2024 Rojgar Mela 2024: Success Stories

In this section, we will highlight the success stories related to the Sewayojan Employment Fair, which will inspire the youth and motivate them to participate in the employment fair.

Rojgar Mela 2024 Rojgar Mela 2024: Eligibility and Age

In this section, we will provide information about proper qualifications and age to the applicants so that they can apply properly and get ready for the job fair.


proceed in search of employment

Rojgar Mela 2024 We will conclude this article with suggestions for young students to boost their preparation to achieve success in Rojgar Mela 2024.

Get ready to attend this year’s job fair and take a step towards the heights of your career!

UP Mega Employment Fair 2024: Great opportunity to get direct job!

प्रधानमंत्री सूर्योदय योजना: बिजली बिल से ऐसे पाएं छुटकारा और सौर ऊर्जा का करें सही उपयोग Suryoday Yojana 2024

IRCON Assistant Manager भर्ती 2024: आवेदन करें और 1,40,000 रुपये महीना कमाएं

Employment Fair Date: | Location: 25 districts of Uttar Pradesh

Golden opportunity for the youth engaged in research of employment in Uttar Pradesh! Thousands of graduate students in 25 districts will get a chance to get direct jobs in the employment fair starting in the new year. In this post, we will give you information about this mega employment fair, including the date, venue, educational qualification, and required documents.

Organization of employment fair:

The employment fair will be organized in 25 districts. To participate in this fair, the minimum age of the unemployed is 18 years and the maximum age is 35 years. Apart from this, 12th, ITI, and graduate pass students will also have the opportunity to participate.

Rojgar Mela 2024 More than 82,000 jobs in 70 districts Free 2024 Rojgar Mela 2024
Rojgar Mela 2024 More than 82,000 jobs in 70 districts Free 2024 Rojgar Mela 2024

Mega Job Fair 2024: Overview:

Participating Companies15+
Number of Vacancies3,000+
Salary₹ 9,500 to ₹ 15,400 per month
Educational Qualification10th Grade + ITI Passed
Minimum Age18 years
GenderBoth male and female, all can apply

Job Fair Locations:

  • University Block Maholi, Ballia Development Block Nawabganj Ballia
  • Farrukhabad Development Block Complex Nawabganj
  • Agra Government Industrial Training Institute Balkeshwar Agra/Chaudhary Raghunath Singh Bagan Mirza Sikri Road Kirawali Agra
  • Faizpur SBS Tech Malwa
  • Kanpur Nagar Apollo Institute Technology Sarsaul Kanpur Nagar
  • Gurgaon SLD Private ITI Alipore Mohanpur Jasrana Gurgaon
  • Magadh Development Block Mahanagar Magal
  • Sant Kabir Nagar Skill Training Center Public Spiritual College Mehdawal Sant Kabir Nagar
  • Mathura-Industrial Industrial Training Institute Vrindavan Mathura Road Near Pagal Baba Mandir Mathura
  • Kambol Nagar Complex Development Block Jahagirganj Cambum Nagar
  • Project Development Complex Groundor Circuit
  • Russell International College
  • Rajasthan Uttar Pradesh Skill Development Mission Training Center Singhpur District Area
  • Sonbhadra Development Block Nagwa became the UCC Infotech Center Person of Sonbhadra
  • Vikaskhandarauna Government Ayatirauna
  • Creativity Prem Institute of Private ITI, Iglas Road, Creativity Limited
  • Development Saifai Complex Unit
  • Volcano Development Complex Bhawarkol Volcano
  • Establishment Development Block Baghra Establishment
  • Government ITI Deoband Institute
  • Plantation Center Mahasabha Pita Shiv Vishwa Kalyan Petroleum Market
  • Sultanpur Jai Singh Block Complex Sultanpur
  • Development Block Complex Beerbunny Company


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Employment Fair 2024: Employment Festival at 46 places across the country

Introduction: Employment Fair 2024 is being organized on 12th February in 46 different places of the country. In this fair, young teenagers will be distributing PM Modi Mahotsav letters, and this is an important and exciting event that will provide a great opportunity for youth employment opportunities across the country. In this article, we will learn about the features of this job fair and the important people attending it.

Organization and objectives of employment fair:

The employment fair organized by the Central Government is being organized on 12th February. Its main objective is to provide employment opportunities across the country. PM Modi will distribute the President’s letter to the youth and interact with them so that the youth can share their highest level of thinking and ideas.


Experts attending the job fair:

Many Union Ministers and senior officials will also participate in this wonderful ceremony. Union Minister Giriraj Singh has been given the responsibility for Bihar’s capital Patna, while Pashupati Paras in Muzaffarpur and Anurag Thakur in Panchkula will also be present. Apart from this, Bhupendra Yadav has got the responsibility in the stock and Arjun Munda has also got the responsibility in Ranchi. Democrat heads in MBAN will also attend the fair. Smriti Irani is said to be in Lucknow which will also add colour to this important event.

Rojgar Mela 2024 More than 82,000 jobs in 70 districts Free 2024 Rojgar Mela 2024
Rojgar Mela 2024 More than 82,000 jobs in 70 districts Free 2024 Rojgar Mela 2024

Importance of Employment Fair: Employment Fair 2024

Through this, the Central Government has taken a bold step of providing employment opportunities in 46 places across the country. Its objective is to reach the right path to dedicate the youth power of the country and empower them positively.


Summary: Through this article, we have discussed about Employment Fair 2024.

Has provided information about and told which important persons will be involved in it. This event is an important medium to provide access to employment opportunities to the youth across the country and we should participate in it so that together we can create a prosperous future.

Employment Fair 2024 in Gorakhpur promises job bonuses

To address the serious issue of unemployment and provide a platform for thousands of aspiring youth, the Uttar Pradesh government under the leadership of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is organizing a job fair in Gorakhpur on Sunday, February 4, 2024. The mega job fair organized at the Madan Mohan Malviya University of Technology (MMMUT) campus aims to facilitate the placement of countless individuals in various sectors.

Event Information:

The ‘On the Spot Job Mega Event’ under the Mission Rozgar initiative is going to prove to be a game-changer. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath himself will be present at MIT, where local and international companies will open doors of employment for the youth in both technical and non-technical sectors. Its aim is to provide jobs to about 20,000 youth in a single day.


Main idea:

Date & Venue: Divisional Level Employment Fair is scheduled on 4th February 2024 at MMMUT, Gorakhpur.
Chief Guest: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath himself will hand over appointment letters to the selected candidates.
Past Success: 32,923 persons have already been employed in the last five editions of the employment fair organized under the Yogi government. Apart from this, 7,176 youth have been employed through various job fairs till now from the financial year 2021-22.

Partnerships and Opportunities:

Around 150 companies are expected to participate in the event, which will conduct placement selections on-site. Companies from different sectors will be allotted stalls in the MUT campus. Registration and spot registration facilities will be available for the candidates, and the fair is open to individuals

Organization of Employment Fair: All the interested unemployed are requested to arrive on time and take all their necessary documents along with them to participate in this fair so that they can get a great job opportunity.

PM Modi to Distribute Appointment Letters to 71,000 in Rojgar Mela 2023

In a significant move towards youth empowerment and employment generation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to distribute appointment letters to approximately 71,000 deserving individuals this Friday. This initiative, part of the “Rojgar Mela” recruitment drive aimed at providing employment opportunities for 10 lakh personnel, underscores the government’s commitment to fostering growth and development.

Prime Minister Modi’s Vision for Youth Empowerment

Prime Minister Modi’s office announced this development on Thursday, emphasizing the government’s dedication to prioritize employment generation. The event will also feature a video conference where Prime Minister Modi will engage with the youth directly, highlighting the administration’s proactive approach towards fostering dialogue with the country’s future leaders.

Unlocking Opportunities for India’s Youth

The “Rojgar Mela” is not just a job fair; it represents a crucial step towards fulfilling the aspirations of India’s youth. It is designed to act as a catalyst for employment generation, offering diverse opportunities across various sectors. Selected candidates will be appointed to key positions under the Government of India, ranging from Junior Engineers to Teachers and Nurses.

Insights from the Karmayogi Induction Module

Moreover, the event will include insights from newly appointed personnel, who will share their experiences with the Karmayogi Induction Module. This online induction course covers essential topics such as the code of conduct for government servants, workplace ethics, and human resource policies, ensuring that employees are equipped with the necessary skills to excel in their roles.

Driving Growth and Development

The Rojgar Mela is more than just a job distribution event; it symbolizes the government’s unwavering commitment to fostering a conducive environment for growth and development. By providing ample opportunities for employment and skill development, initiatives like these play a pivotal role in shaping a prosperous and empowered nation.

Conclusion: Building a Brighter Future

As Prime Minister Modi takes yet another stride towards realizing the dreams of millions of aspiring individuals, the Rojgar Mela stands as a testament to the government’s relentless efforts in building a brighter future for the youth of India. Through initiatives like these, the government aims to unlock the full potential of India’s demographic dividend and pave the way for a more prosperous and inclusive society. Write by Anuradha Sharma Sarkari

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